Feels good
to be home

MyPlace North was created for those
who feel good, home.
At home, begins your happiness

Why choose
MyPlace North?

A house is more than a space. It's a feeling. It's your place. Your place where your memories take shape.


You have easy and fast access to the office, means of transport or your favorite places.


You have a house that is easy to manage and maintain, with low maintenance budget.

Fair price

You know that later you will be able to capitalize (sell or rent) the house, at a good price.


A property that gives you recognition of your status, among your colleagues and friends.

Green spaces

You are surrounded by green areas, where you can relax after long days of work, from the office.


The developer's experience and previous projects are reliable elements in making a good business.

to nature

Airy spaces with green areas

contribute to the well-being and relaxation you need.

Park inside the ensemble

perfect for jogging or evening walks

Terraces overlooking green areas

ideal orientation for intimacy

Quality finishes

MyPlace North ensemble brings you the guarantee of a quality home, with finishes from selected brands to the assembly of elements, with teams of skilled craftsmen.

Ceramic plywood Marazzi brand
Parquet type Herringbone (90% wood)
Exterior PVC joinery with 5 chambers and double glazing with LowE film inwards
Fully equipped bathrooms with sanitary ware and accessories of high quality.
Refrigerated routes for air conditioning.
Metal entrance door with multi-point closure
Underfloor heating and central heating of the building

Return on

The MyPlace North ensemble can register a good investment return, over time, due to some important elements that were the basis of the project.


considered a top area of Bucharest, with a premium segment of customers.


close to the means of transport, shopping centers, shopping areas and leisure options.

Strategic position

MyPlace North is located near Dimitrie Pompeiu business area,
the main places to go out in the city in the north of the capital (Pipera Plaza, Promenada
mall, WorldClass Pipera, SkyKarting), means of transport,
medical clinics or parks (Herastrau, Verdi).

Choose your apartment
where you feel good


With a business experience of over 25 years and in close collaboration with business partners, the architecture offices Pintilie & Partners Arhitecture & Engineering and Amzei Proiect, MyPlace already made the mark of a new style through its projects.

Financing arrangements
suitable for you

Minimum down payment

Starting from 20% of the
value of the property

Staggered payments

You establish your own staggered payment plan, from the project phase to the delivery of the apartment stage.


We accept as payment methods, own funds, developer installments or bank loan

Stage of the project

Delivery: December, 2023
The residential complex is under construction, with a deadline for completion, December 2023. More details on the evolution of the project can be found in the gallery below.

What our customers say


"The best handball player" also won the podium in investments

My Place offers me all the facilities for a healthy life (swimming pool, spa, fitness room, massage and hairdressing salon, restaurant, supermarket)! I recommend My Place for a healthy lifestyle, which I can practice in the new place called home!
Cristina Neagu

The only handball player, rewarded four times with the title of "Best Handball Player"

Cristina Neagu

Răzvan Raț chose My Place apartments for quality

My Place caught my attention with the exceptional finishes, the safety of the construction and the aesthetics of the ensemble. My Place is more than an investment. At home I invest with love. I said YES and I recommend My Place!
Răzvan Raț

Former captain of the Romanian national football team

Răzvan Raț

Dan Petrescu chooses reliable investments

When I chose My Place, 3 factors mattered: the trust, the location and the community that is formed in that place. I recommend, My Place for the ambience, the ideal positioning in the north of the capital and the trusted people behind the project!
Dan Petrescu

The coach of CFR Cluj football team

Dan Petrescu

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